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Retro Theme for RapidWeaver Main Features:

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prettyPhoto integrated
30+ Header Options
14 Background Options
12 Blog Tags
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9 header fonts
8 body fonts
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4 Navigation Options
iQuery included
2 extraContent areas
Retro offers a variety of Header, Background, Font, Layout, Width and Color options to customize your site.

Header Images included, along with the option to hide the Header Images and the Footer Background Color. By using a variety of options, you can style your page to get that perfect look.
Page Background Images included, along with several Content and Sidebar Area shape and shading options.
prettyPhoto is included with Retro allowing you to get the popular ‘lightbox’ effect. It is built into the Photo Page and activated with a snippet, and can also be used for any image or video on any page.
FontFace included with separate options for the Header and Content.
Page Widths are 800, 900, 1000 and 1100 px. The Sidebar Area can be located on the right, left, or hidden, and comes in 3 widths.
ExtraContent: 2 EC Areas, one below the Header and one in the Footer.
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Header Images

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Theme Options

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