Rapidweaver 7 Themes:

Rapidweaver 6 Themes:


The FrescoTheme contains a variety of Headers, along with the option to have a slideshow. Want to use your own images? In Rapidweaver 5, it is as simple as dragging an image into your Resources, renaming it, and selecting the Resource Header Option. And in RW4 you can use RWMultiTool to change the headers or drag a snippet into the Page Inspector.


Retro offers a variety of Header, Background, Font, Layout, Width and Color options to customize your site. Header Images included, along with the option to hide the Header Images and the Footer Background Color. By using a variety of options, you can style your page to get that perfect look. Page Background Images included, along with several Content and Sidebar Area shape and shading options.


Bookshelf has many customizations, and a large number of color choices. Almost any element on the page can have its color changed to suit your design. Included are a variety of header graphics, or use your own. The Navigation Bar can be located in the Sidebar or Header areas.


So, exactly what is Rapidweaver?
A great program from RealMac Software that makes designing a website a breeze.

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